Founded by social entrepreneur, lifelong musician and songwriter, Sam Eure, IOTA Creative Collective is a startup driven to be a full service media lab and co-working space designed to inspire original music development and support local, independent artists and performers in their creative pursuits. Providing resource access and opportunity is a standard, but IOTA operates to serve, build, and support a community, built for musicians, by musicians.


Our Vision

To provide access to quality technology and creative know-how in such a way that creators can pursue their craft independently, so that the community is grown and strengthened through cooperation, inclusion, and collaboration.

Our Mission

To inspire creative communities through collaboration, resource access, and education, establishing and cultivating cooperative culture, establishing financial stability, and positive creative venture impact.




IOTA Creative Collective is a venture that prioritizes community and environmental impact concerns over profit margins. Earning revenue is necessary for operations, but concerns regarding carbon footprint, community engagement, inclusion, diversity, and ecosystem interdependence take priority.

Environmental impact will be controlled through use of renewable energy for operations, zero waste initiatives, used/damaged gear and electronics recycling events, and sustainable distribution practices. 

Success in operations will include community engagement measures and strategic partnerships/participation, all looking to gauge social impact.